About Berggorilla Touren

At Berggorilla Touren, believe that every traveler is unique and, and we endeavor to provide modified travel solutions that suit your specific taste and needs.

Who We Are

Berggorilla Touren is your gateway to the breathtaking gorilla tracking experience in Uganda and Rwanda. We are located in East Africa in the heart of the famous Gorilla Highlands. Mountain Gorilla tracking is one of the fantastic activities done in Uganda and Rwanda, and everybody who has done the activity says that about the gorillas but they say it because it is true. It’s an iconic trek that is synonymously linked to Ugandan and Rwandan tourism. Trek through thick and thin lush forests to meet other primate species such as the chimpanzee, monkeys, and baboons to name but a few.


Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers and offer them the best time during our tours. We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and help our partners achieve their goals.


To lead the operation of touristic services in Uganda and Rwanda through the constant improvement, customer satisfaction and innovation. To be a company highly rentable with an outstanding excellence and with exemplary relations with the community, the environment and the social responsibility.


The core values of Bergorilla-Touren are costumer service, loyalty and integrity, communication, innovation, quality, team work and responsibility

What we do

The company specializes in offering quality, flexible and unforgettable gorilla tracking safari experiences Uganda and Rwanda to suit our customers’ wishes, timeframe and budget. All our tours and safaris can be customized suitably.

We look forward to serving you!

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Why book with us?

Our unique game drives which elevate your experience.

One of the best services we offer are the unique game drives arranged by a team of experts to ensure that a customer’s expectations are exceeded.

Our experienced guides and expertise is our super power.

Time and again, our very happy customers tell us that our guides and tours and safari consultants are the best of the best. That’s because we select each for their expertise, experience and love for wildlife.

We know the best places to stay

Whether for a solo traveler, a couple or a private group of 2 and above looking to take over an entire resort, we select the best suitable accommodations for you among a variety of partners. All are handpicked, often calm and right in the heart of wildlife gathering spots.

We listen and consider every customer’s preferences

Are you a photographer who prefers to explore during the magic hour for just the right light? A birder who would rather rise early and stay in one spot for a longer stretch of time? Or a larger group that would benefit from free time? We know how to tie it all together to get you exactly what you want.