The Best Time to go Gorilla Tracking

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Gorillas are available all year round and the decision for when you visit is upon your program and the availability of the gorilla permit. During the peak months of June, July, and August the gorilla permits are at higher demand and tend to sell out so fast due to the large number of tourists who book them. This is because of these the weather conditions during these dry months which make trekking more comfortable. Uganda has two seasons; the dry season and the wet season. During the dry season, the slopes are dry making walks easier however during rainy seasons the slopes are slippery however, this doesn’t stop you from gaining yourself an ultimate lifetime gorilla experience.

January and February experience both rainy and sunny weather conditions with Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda and this makes them fair for your gorilla trekking safari though they are thought of being low season.

March, April, and May are rainy seasons and this makes the trails and the paths in the forests slippery. You will need to be more careful while trekking to avoid slipping and falling often. Gorilla permits are always available during these months of the year.

June, July, and August are dry months making them the best for tourism and the gorilla trekking experience and you can as well plan to add a visit to Tanzania and see the wildebeest migration taking place in the plains of Serengeti. This is a peak season. We highly recommend the traveler to book the gorilla permits at least six (6) to three (3) months in advance before arrival.

September and October will work for those craving to track the gorillas and also climb one of the snowcapped East African countries. The weather conditions in these months favor both gorilla tracking and hiking the Rwenzoris. Gorilla permits are always available in this period of the year.

November. This is a rainy month and this makes trails muddy making the experience a bit physical. However, it is one of the best times to visit Uganda because hotels tend to give discounts on accommodations and sometimes the Uganda Wildlife Authority might give a discount on the gorilla permits in this period.

December. During this holiday season you may be thinking of a holiday and wanting to visit the mountain gorillas. Yes, go ahead and book a permit in advance and prepare for your gorilla tracking adventure and welcome a new year in a wild style.

Thank you, for reading and we look forward to hosting you soon in the Gorilla Highlands!