Discover the Magic of Uganda: Africa’s Best-Kept Secret

Uganda is dubbed the Pearl of Africa, a nation that is endowed with natural beauty. It was referred to as the Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill.

Tourism in Uganda

Tourism features as the fastest-growing sector in Uganda and East Africa at large. This makes Uganda- the Pearl of Africa a preferred travel destination offering nature-based experiences.
The country boasts of its alluring attractions from the magical peaks of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges to abundant wildlife in savanna and forest species.

Over 50% of the total number of endangered mountain gorillas on earth reside within Uganda and the rest live in Rwanda and D.R. Congo. Uganda’s tourism sector largely depends on the landscape and wildlife with huge potential to grow its cultural tourism.

Uganda is a landlocked country and it is geographically found in East Africa. It is bordered by many East African states including Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, D.R. Congo and Rwanda. Over 49 million live in Uganda alone with about 8.5 million residing in Kampala capital city. It derives its name from the Buganda Kingdom. It gained its independence in October 1962 and English is the official spoken language.

Many other languages are spoken in Uganda depending on the region. In Central and some parts of South-eastern Uganda, Luganda is commonly spoken. Other languages spoken in Uganda include Samia, Rukiga, Runyoro, Acholi, Ateso, Jopadhola, Rutooro, Luo and Lusoga.

Kiswahili has also been introduced and it was proposed to be 2nd official language. In 2022, Swahili was made a mandatory subject in the country’s school curriculum.

History of Uganda

Uganda was largely occupied by Central Sudanic and Kuliak speaking farmers and herders prior to migration of the Bantu speakers about 3000 years ago in 1000BC. They were absorbed into the Bantu speaking cultures South of Mt. Elgon, Lake Kyoga and Nile River and this happened around 1500AD.

Since 1986, Uganda has been the led by H.E. President Yoweri Museveni. The activities of political parties were restricted since the start of that year as a way to avoid any likelihood of sectarian violence. The non-party – Movement system led by Museveni, and political parties were still existing but only operated in their headquarters. No branches were allowed to be opened to hold rallies or field candidates directly.

uganda - rwenzori mountains

Geography of Uganda

Uganda is found in Eastern Africa and features scenic volcanic hills. It is surrounded by the mountains that form some of its border areas in the Eastern and Western areas. Its highest altitude is 5109 meters which is Mount Rwenzori, the home to the Africa’s 3rd highest peak- Margherita peak.

Water bodies and lakes

Located in East Africa, Uganda contains a section of Lake Victoria which spans on 3 East African states-Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Adjacent to Lake Victoria are beautiful cities- Entebbe and Kampala. The other water bodies include Lake Kyoga, Lake Edward, Lake Albert, Lake George and the Nile River.

uganda - chameleon hill lodge
uganda - batwa

People and Culture

Uganda is referred to as the boiling pot of cultures for a good reason. Over 4 ethnic groups exist in Uganda including the Nilo Hamites, Nilotics, Bantu and Hamites. The Bantu are the biggest ethnic group in Uganda and over 56 distinct tribes all exist in this landlocked country. There are different ways to experience the country’s cultures and on a cultural safari, you can visit the local community, for instance the Batwa community around Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

National Parks of Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Located in Southwestern Uganda, Bwindi Forest National Park is one of the best parks in Africa where mountain gorillas live. This is a bio-diverse protected area and contains an ancient tropical forest that dates back to about 25,000 years. The park contains 120 mammal species, 360 bird species and several floral species. The main tourist activities to do on a safari in Bwindi include gorilla trekking, birding, Batwa cultural experience, and nature or forest walks.

uganda - bwindi impenetrable national park
uganda - rwenzori mountains

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Mount Rwenzori National Park is a recognized UNESCO protected area, home to the Africa’s third highest mountain. This is a block mountain and it is ice-capped, offering excellent mountaineering adventures to enthusiastic climbers or hikers. The park holds over 70 species of mammals, 217 species of birds and majority of these are Albertine rift endemic species of birds. The park features distinct vegetation characterized by blanketed moorland, moist montane forest and bamboo.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

If you enjoy wildlife viewing, a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park is a must-do on Uganda safari. This is a rich ecosystem, established in 1952 and takes its name from the late Queen Elizabeth II. The park spans over with its landscape featuring lots of spectacular Lakes, extensive savanna plains, humid forest, wetlands, and other habitats. Over 95 mammals (elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards +tree climbing lions, etc), 620 bird species and reptile species all reside within this protected area.

uganda - tree climbing lion
10 day Uganda Wildlife Tour

Kibale National Park

Kibale National Park supports a variety of primate species and it is with no wonder the primate capital of the world. Created in 1993, Kibale Forest National Park spans and it largely comprised of 13 species of primates that include 1500 chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, and other species. It is most visited for chimpanzee trekking and chimp habituation experience, as well as birding and forest walks.

Murchison Falls National Park

This is Uganda’s biggest park, located in the Northwestern side of the country and supports over 451 bird species, 76 mammal species, and others. Murchison Falls National Park stretches covering and offers excellent game drives, birding, launch cruise, hot air balloon tours, chimpanzee tracking, habituation experience and forest walks.

uganda - murchison falls
uganda - buffalo

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo lies in the far Northeastern side of Uganda, the rugged, semi-arid valleys. It sits right at the extreme corner bordering South Sudan and from Kampala, it is about 700km. This is the park that was created the same year Uganda attained its independence- 1962 and holds 77 mammal species, 475 species of birds and other animal species.

uganda - mount elgon

Mount Elgon National Park

Elgon National Park lies in the far Eastern side of Uganda, home to the vast volcanic base on the planet earth. The park lies at the border of Uganda and Kenya and holds Wagagai peak, Mount Elgon’s highest peak. Elgon National Park offers the best of volcano hiking or mountain climbing, rock climbing, caving, and other experiences.

Semliki National Park

Semuliki National Park is where the powerful Sempaya hot springs are found, the female and male hot springs. It also holds a portion of the remotest Ituri Forest and unique bird species or wildlife of Central Africa.

uganda - semuliki hot springs
uganda - zebra - lake mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park

Lying within Kiruhura district in Western Uganda, Lake Mburo NP is a hidden gem. It is the most accessible of the 10 National Parks from the heart of Kampala city. It takes guests only 4 hours to drive to this park and it is a rich wildlife destination. The park is compact measuring and holds elands, impalas, leopards, buffaloes, hyenas, topis, reedbucks and Defassa waterbucks and 350 bird species.

Things to do in Uganda

There are countless most exciting activities to engage in and include gorilla trekking (gorilla permits cost USD700 per person), chimpanzee tracking, white water rafting (at the Source of the Nile in Jinja & Murchison Falls National Park), horseback riding, kayaking, quad biking, cycling, game drives, birding and others.

uganda - trekking

Where to stay

Uganda is a complete travel destination and in terms of accommodation, every guest has where to retire for the night. There are plenty of budget, midrange and luxury, with popular luxury hotels in Kampala including Pearl of Africa Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, Sheraton Kampala Hotel; luxury hotels in and around Entebbe include Protea Hotel, Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Hotel Number 5 and others.

The top luxury safari lodges in Uganda include Mweya Safari Lodge, Paraa Safari Lodge, Buhoma Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Turaco Treetops, Ndali Lodge, Papaya Lake Lodge and others.

uganda - where to stay

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